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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Ft. Meigs "World at War" AQMF 2-parter

The HMGS-GL club, the "Colby St. Irregulars" host their fall "World at War" game day at Fort Meigs in Perrysburg on 11/4.  I took my All Quiet on the Martian Front game as it is usually a crowd pleaser.  My personal life has been a bit chaotic as of late, so I was planning on running some old scenarios...but I woke up at 6am the morning of the event with a scenario idea!!

And I think it worked well.....

It was a two part game; First, 3 Martian Assault and 3 Scout Tripods would start on the far  board edge and race across the board exiting what they could to get set for the attack on a US Army camp (scenario two).  

A small US Armored patrol; Command Tank, two Mk. II and one Mk. III tank units and a 'Rough Riders" unit would enter at the 3 foot mark of a side edge and would engage.  

The Martians were given their objective, the US Players no details, they were on a patrol hunting whatever they came across.......

To start I had just 4 players; the Kevin and Matthew Father / Son team took the Martians (Matthew being the infamous Martian Overlord in the The Night the Ground Exploded game from a few years ago.

The Human players were John and Bryan.

The Martians didn't start out so well, Kevin and Matthew splitting their forces, and with Kevin being closest to the Human entry point he took the brunt of the fighting.  His son Matthew took the instructions of "get off the far board edge" to heart and just took off running, not fighting and letting his Dad get beat on. It wasn't until the second to the last turn that he realized he could move and face, shoot at something, then move toward the objective edge....

End of turn one, Martians and Humans on the board.  One the Human first turn they ran the Rough Riders out and immobilized a Scout Tripod.......

Kevin got in trouble.  The immobilized Scout was destroyed, and Assault Tripod scored a hit but was then knocked out.  His 'Black Dust' Tripod was also lassoed by the motorcycles, but was able to break free and took out 2 stand of Rough Riders and two tanks with Black Dust.  He bought time for Matthew to run for the board edge before eventually getting blasted.....

When Matthew exited the board I reset some of the terrain, adding a small trench line and some additional Human units.  I did a quick measurement of the remaining Human units from Game one and decided the survivors would enter behind the Martians (i.e. were in pursuit) on turn 4. 

To the Martians I gave Kevin a Scout back (I felt bad for him) and removed all of the damage Matthew's Tripods had received.  The plan was to add additional Martian units coming onto the board in a flanking maneuver.  Another player, Todd, showed up so Kevin and Matthew allowed him to the Turn two reinforcements, the 'Red Martian' and a Slaver Tripod with 6 Drones.  They came in about the 3 foot mark of a side edge on turn 2.

By turn two Matthew's usual tactic of running head long into the teeth of the Human guns paid off it's usual dividend: a burning Tripod.  Kevin looks like he's sleeping, but he's moved his Scout into a position on the road to blast away at the Human armor.  Human infantry stalking about in the woods gives the Red Martian no cause for alarm......

Matthew scored some hits on the Michigan 'Iron Brigade'; two dead and one routed.  His Scout moved off camera to the left behind the trenches, causing the Humans to pull some armor back to try and deal with it (upper left in the photo)
Then it happened.  As the US Infantry held off the Red Martian and Slaver / Drones, a Clamper tank shot out and latched onto Kevin's Scouts leg.  It was now immobilized for the rest of the game.....but at least it's Heat Ray was pointed in the right direction!!

Kevin's Scout was eventually destroyed, Catastrophically one might add!!  Unfortunately for the Martians only the abandoned Clamper tank was also destroyed in the blast....With the US Infantry destroyed the Slaver and Drones closed in.

The Red Martian and Slaver / Drones began clean up operations.  About this time the pursuing US Armor arrived and put a serious smack down on the Slaver.  They pounded it and caused 8 out of a possible 10 armor hits!!  YIPE! YIPE! YIPE!!!!

With session time running out the '10:05' rule was put into effect (last turn, kill it all).  The Human Armor moved into the middle of the remaining Martians trying to overwhelm them with dice thrown.  They eventually did destroy the Slaver, shutting down all the Drones.  The Martians ran an Assault Tripod into their midst hoping to sweep a Heat Ray and then go up in a blaze of Catastrophic damage...but it was only destroyed......
The game did end with me declaring a marginal Human victory.  Only the Red Martian survived for the invaders and 4 or 5 Human units survived...but all were missing stands / vehicles........

And with much hoot'n and hollar'n......a good time was had by all......

Friday, September 15, 2017

Team Yankee - First Contact

     This was the first go at Battlefront's Team Yankee rules with my usual gaming friends.  Since it was our first attempt with the rule set we used only vehicles and helicopters.

     The situation was this:  A small detachment of Americans were protecting the approaches of a German village.  The Soviets were to come tearing tracks down the road  and use speed and firepower to overwhelm the defenders and take their objective.

     The American OOB:     1- M1 Abrams, Co. HQ
                                        2- M1 Abrams, 2nd Plt.
                                        2- M1 Abrams, 3rd Plt.
                                        2- M901 ITVs, Anti-Tank Plt.
                                        2- AH-1 Cobra Gunships, reinforcements 
                           Total    50 points

     The Soviet OOB:           1- T-72, Bn. HQ
                                         3- T-72s, 1st Plt.
                                         3- T-72s, 2nd Plt.
                                         3- T-72s, 3rd Plt.
                                         3- BMP-2, Recon Plt.
                                         2- BMP-2, Recon Plt.   
                            Total    52 points

     So as you can see, this is more of a meeting engagement that a full blown Soviet assault.  


The Soviets advance, the Recon Platoons using their Spearhead ability, the Soviet armor trying to keep pace.  Plt. Leader, Lt. Rutherford looking over his paperwork, "What is this Laser Range thingy for again?"

The Soviet attack has captured the Fuel Station outside town.  Petrol for the tanks, Slim Jim's and Coke for the men.

The Americans move to defend.  The Co. HQ places the vineyard between himself and the attackers.  2nd Platoon positions itself on the left flank.  3rd Platoon moves cautiously through the town to the right.  The AT Platoon takes up positions in some woods.  Gone to Ground and Concealed is the place to be!  Cobras hover somewhere off board......
"Captain, I think I know what the Soviet's are after!"  "Rodger that!"  "Gunner, BMPs, 2 o'clock.  HEAT round."  "Up!"  "Fire!"  "On the way!"

First blood to the Americans.  With the explosion of the AFV the Soviets began to scatter and look for something to shoot at.......

The Americans move to counter the Soviets.  '55' (the Co HQ) moves to cover the road, 3rd Plt. swings between the buildings.....the vibrations putting a good size crack in one......
The Soviet Tank Company on the right discovers the US 2nd Plt.  An amazing shoot out ensued.  For the next 2-3 turns, Kevin and I exchanged rolls of 1's on the dice like we were slap fighting!!  SHOOT!....  MISS!....SHOOT BACK!....BOUNCE!....SHOOT!....BOUNCE!.....SHOOT BACK!....MISS!

On the Soviet left though it was a different story.  The fire from the Abrams and M901s had the enemy AFVs popping like popcorn!
View from the Soviet Bn. Command tank.  "Ugh..too much Vodka last night...."
Since on this flank neither the Americans or the Soviets wanted to hurt each other, the Cobra gunships thought they would get into the fight.......when they got there....
The M901s continued to blast away at the advancing Rooskies!  I told ya, Gone to Ground and Concealed is the place to be!

Unfortunately for the Americans the tide rapidly turned.  First 55 tank got hit twice, the second penetrating......The ITVs abandoned their position.

Then after killing 2 of 3 T-72s in the right flank Company, an Abrams from 2nd Platoon got hit in the flank and was destroyed, causing it's Platoon mate to fall back.......

Leaving a slew of destroyed armor on the battlefield, the swarm of T-72s finally overwhelmed 3rd Platoon.

At this point the American AH-1s finally arrived (really bad reinforcement rolling by Mike).  But all they could do was keep the Soviet forces worried while the survivor of 2nd Platoon and the M-901s withdrew.  The victory went to the Soviets.
     We all had a good time, it was fun to sorta flashback to our former years of playing MBT in 6mm.  We enjoyed the Team Yankee system, I think it is an improvement of the v3 FoW rules.  At least for the casual gamer.

Looking forward to the next encounter and trying v4 Flames of War.......thanks for reading........ 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Travel Battle from Perry Miniatures

I've been working on painting up the boxed set Travel Battle from Perry Miniatures.  It is a self contained 8mm Napoleonic game.

I finished painting half of the British and French units in the game.

When I found out that a good friend of mine was coming to town I decided to paint up the game board so that we could give the rules a go.  So, what started out as this:

I turned into this:


The tops of the woods actually remove so that if Infantry enter them you can place the miniatures inside....

And here are some minis added to give you an idea of what game play will look like:

The battle commences next week.......

Monday, November 14, 2016

Big Battle Nuts! -- AAR and small review

Been almost a year since my last post......

Two Hour Wargames has recently published a new set of WW II rules based on their popular 'Chain Reaction' system: Big Battle Nuts!.
I've been looking for a system to replace 'Flames of War', and I was hoping this was it.  The game uses many of the concepts of the 'CR' system, a system I enjoy.

Units are rated with a 'Reputation' number.  This is used to make reaction checks, when in combat, and rallying.  Infantry movement speeds and weapon ranges are generic.  The game also includes a TON of vehicles; obviously their stats vary vehicle to vehicle.

Basing is similar to FoW, multiple figures to a stand.  Platoons are made up of 2-3 stands with an additional support weapon (MG, AT weapon or Mortar).  So really, 3-4 stands.  Companies are made up of  3 Platoons, Battalions are made up of 3 Companies.  If playing at a Company level, there will be a HQ stand and a 'Company Support Weapon'.  If playing at Battalion level there will be a Battalion HQ stand.  The higher organization HQ stands can be used to replace the Reputation number of lesser rated formations.  Reinforcements can randomly appear in the game; they show up based on the Competitive Activation check.

Combat is resolved by starting with 2d6, adding or subtracting dice do to circumstances.  Rolled against a units Rep number, successes are counted against a chart and depending on if the target is 'In Cover' or not, a result is achieved.

The game comes with 3 types of missions, Patrol, Attack and Defend.  It also has a 10 mission campaign (which can be played as single missions if you want).  An extensive campaign system (to combine games strung together) is also included.

And of course, it comes with an AI system of charts, so like other titles in the 'Chain Reaction' system, this game can be played solo.  That is how I played my first 2 games.

Overall, if you like the 'CR' system, I recommend this game.  I am familiar with 'Chain Reaction' so I wasn't lost in charts.  If you are not familiar with the way 'CR' works you (like me) will be overwhelmed at first, but as soon as the light comes on, everything will fall into place.  

Admittedly it isn't a replacement for FoW, but it is a good set of rules that gave me two enjoyable solo games.  I plan on introducing Big Battle Nuts! to my friends as soon as possible.  And if they like it as much as I do, I see a Co-operative campaign in the future.

Below is the After Action Report of my first two games.  I hope you enjoy........ 

Somewhere in France, 1944

Here is the situation.  Capt. Elmore has been ordered to send a patrol out to recon the farm building at the north end of the board.  Elmore decides to send a platoon currently being commanded by Sgt. Shawn.  Even though the Platoon is without a commanding Officer, Shawn is a good man with much combat experience  (Rep 5), Sgt. Shawn is an ideal choice to lead this mission.

Shawn's platoon consist of 3 Infantry stands and an attached MG for fire support.

Sgt. Shawn decides the best approach is to keep the hill and the tree stands to the left between his platoon and any possible German eyes.  After the American Platoon has been placed I place the PEFs (Possible Enemy Forces).  The white poker chips on the edges are markers dividing the board into 9 12"x12" squares.  In solo games, 3 PEFs (I use red poker chips) are placed after the player forces are deployed.  I rolled a d6 3 times, got a '2' (top middle) and 2 '6s' (right side middle).

Time for the action to begin.  On the first Activation Check the Americans rolled a '5', the German, a '2'.  Not only did the Americans get to move first, but possibly reinforcements!  A roll on the reinforcement table reveals the a Squad (from another platoon) has entered the area.

A check to see what their Rep is, it's only a 3!  They must be Goof-Offs from another Company!  Probably don't even realize there are Germans about!

When you resolve PEFs you start with the one farthest from friendly forces.  One of the PEFs move into the woods with a LOS to Sgt. Shawn's Platoon.......

And it is revealed to be.......NOTHING!!  "There must be something out there Sarge, the Krauts are too quiet....."  I move to the next PEF, it moves to the top of the hill and becomes.....

A Squad with an attached MG in defensive positions!!  An insight check is made...and it comes up a tie!  But ties go to the non-moving side!!  Sgt. Shawn spots the German foxholes and orders his men to open fire!  I roll 2 dice for the Squad, plus 1 extra for the support weapon and get just one hit!  Since the Germans are in cover that means they will return fire....BUT WAIT!!  I forgot to add an extra die for each extra Squad the firer has more than the defender.  Rolling two more dice gets me two more hits!  Three total hits causes the loss of a Squad and two 'Crisis' tests to be made.

The two 'Crisis' test result in the German MG Squad pulling out of the trenches and falling back.

The remaining PEF moves one section away from the enemy.  Sgt. Shawn decides to move around the hill, keeping the woods on his left flank.  The move causes the last PEF to be revealed, another Squad in a defensive position.

An In Sight test is made, but since both sides are out of range, nothing happens.  The Americans open fire on the retreating MG unit, destroying it.

Sgt. Shawn's men win the next Activation check and decide to move forward into range of the last German squad.  Since an in Sight test was made last turn, none is taken now.  The GIs open up on the Germans, destroying it.

At this point I decided Sgt. Shawn's Platoon had completed it's mission and have them return back the the Company CP.  Reporting in, Shawn learns that Battalion has ordered an attack on the farm they had just re-conned.  Two of the Companies Platoons will be used, the 3rd still waiting for replacements.  (I made this up, I wanted my next game to use just two platoons.)

Game two: Still somewhere in France

Sgt. Shawn rested his men, got them hot chow and more ammo.  The last mission seemed too easy, he hoped this Platoon attack would work out the same.  1st Platoon was commanded by Lt. Wigglesworth.  A good Officer with some mortar experience,(Rep 4) he still hadn't seen the things Sgt. Shawn had.  Because of this, Capt. Elmore (Rep 5) would lead the assault, keeping close to Wigglesworth's platoon.  Wigglesworth's Squad was assigned a mortar.  The Company support weapon is a MG, Elmore assigns it to Shawn's Squad.  The extra firepower means they will lead the attack, Wigglesworth's men were to make for the hilltop to give them a clear LOS for their mortar.

After the Americans were placed I rolled for the German PEFs.  I rolled two '4s' (left center) and a '2' (top middle).

The Americans advance while the PEFs stayed still.  Sgt. Shawn pushed his men up the middle while Lt. Wigglesworth moved his men to the hilltop.  Capt. Elmore stayed close in case he needed to direct mortar fire.  Suddenly the middle PEF surged forward into the woods directly in front of Sgt. Shawn's Platoon.  A Resolution check was made and it....was nothing!  But Something was out there.....

Sensing that the German threat may be on his left flank, Shawn moved his men into the small copse of trees on his left.  Unfortunately for Shawn some of his men got hung out in the open on the right.  A PEF resolution was made and.......again nothing!!  But Something is out there....

The last PEF was then resolved and it was two Squads with a MG in Defensive positions. 

An In Sight test was made, the Americans winning and shooting first.  Since only three of the five Squads had a clear LOS to the German unit, only 2d6 were rolled.  The American fire was ineffective and the Germans returned fire....destroying one of the Squads in the open!!

Sgt. Shawn's men won the next Activation ordered then entire Squad forward and poured intense fire on the German position.

Even though the GIs were depleted in fire power, they scored enough hits to cause the Germans to lose a Squad and make two crisis tests.  They failed both and fled the board.

The Americans had again won the field, this time with minor losses.  It could have been worse.......

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Blackwater Gulch -- The Widowmakers

My wife Linda went with me to ORIGINS 2014 for a 2 day trip.  While there we played in a Western shoot out game called Blackwater Gulch.  She choose to play the all female gang, "The Widowmakers" and she had a blast (no pun intended) blowing people up (mostly our friend Glenn) by chucking dynamite at them.  Highlight of the show for her!!

"I can throw dynamite at  Oh Glenn...we're gonna have a blast....."
Earlier this year Gangfight Game Studios ran a sale on Blackwater Gulch so my brother and I invested.  We're shipping the figures off to Pictors Studio for painting, but I kept Linda's behind to do myself.
The Widowmakers
I think the paint jobs came out much better than my photo show.  I blame my lack of photography skills.  But Linda is happy with them.  And isn't that what really counts.....?
If you'd like to see more pictures of the ladies you can go to my Photobucket account:
And here is a link to the Blackwater Gulch game itself:
A very fun game, the basic rules can be downloaded for free from the website.
Thanks for looking,